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Learning in Depth

“Learning in Depth allows each student to explore a topic from any perspective they choose and at a pace that suits them; it is an opportunity to discover how knowledge works.”

How Learning in Depth works...

Each child is allocated to a Learning in Depth topic group for September.

The new Y1 children will be given the name of their topic and starter questions at the start of the year. Siblings are in the same topic group. If you would like your child to have a red topic book for their Learning in Depth work please contact the office as they are available.

One afternoon each half term will be a Learning in Depth session. The dates for these afternoons will be in the school newsletters.

On this afternoon children will go to their ‘LiD’ classroom to meet with the teacher who is leading their topic. The older children will collect the younger ones.

Children will have the opportunity to share the work that they have been doing at home on their topic. They can also work with their topic teacher on an activity relating to their topic.

Children will receive feedback and suggestions for areas of research and guidance and feedback will be given.

Children will be given some suggestions to work on at home before the next Learning in Depth session. They are also encouraged to research their topic following their own lines of interest.

Children can add to their projects in an ongoing way over the weeks and bring what they have done to their next session.