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Health & Safety

Health and Safety

At Sacred Heart Primary Voluntary Aided School, the Governing Body recognises that good management of health and safety is not only our legal and moral duty but also contributes to the efficient and effective running of the school. We aim to provide a secure, safe and healthy environment for all staff and the children in our care.

We the Governing Body recognise our duties both as employers and as persons in control of the premises under the Health and Safety Work Act. We are committed to providing as far as is reasonably practicable;

  • a safe and healthy environment for our staff and pupils to work in;
  • safe equipment and materials for our staff and pupils to use;
  • safe procedures for all school activities.

We also recognise our responsibilities to safeguard the health and safety of parents, visitors, contractors and any other person who may be affected by our school’s activities.

It is our intention that the established policies and procedures issued by the Local Authority (LA) shall be followed and developed legally to meet the needs of our school community. We aim to ensure that health and safety becomes an integral part of all school activities in a way consistent with the curriculum and other priorities.

Please Note:

In Voluntary Aided Schools such as Sacred Heart Primary, teaching and certain non-teaching staff are the employees of the Governors. It should, be understood that the Education Acts provide that responsibility for the maintenance of Aided School premises is divided between the Governors and the Local education authority. The Governing body is responsible for the preparation of a health and safety policy and may adopt the LA policies. The LA will act as Advisor.


  • Children will be encouraged to develop clean personal habits, such as pulling the chain and washing hands after using the toilet.
  • A Sickness/Accident book will be kept in the office, any serious accident or illness must be recorded in the book and the Headteacher and class Teacher must be informed, also the parents or adult collecting the child.
  • In accordance with LA policy guidelines, where possible medicines should be administered by parents/guardians. The school can only administer medicines if the appropriate permission form is completed by the parent/carer. If your child needs to be given medicine during the school day please contact the KS1 or KS2 Office Staff.
  • Inhalers for asthma sufferers should be handed into the school office in the first instance, clearly named with dosage instructions. Children should also have an inhaler with them at all times.

We encourage parents to be open with the school regarding any medical matters of which we need to be aware. The school will treat such matters with discretion and confidentiality at all times. We are required to keep a medical register and ask for your co-operation in maintaining accurate records regarding your children’s health. Thank you for your support in this important matter.


  • No one leaves the outside play area without permission and children are always fully supervised.
  • Any parent or adult collecting a child at a different time should report to the office.
  • Children may only be collected by a parent or named guardian. If there is a change of circumstance the school must be informed in writing so that records may be updated. In the case of late arrival the office must also be informed.
  • Fire Drills will be carried out regularly; the place of assembly will be the large playground (KS2) and school field (KS1). The children will leave the building through the fire-doors. A teacher will count the children and report them all ‘accounted for’ to the Headteacher in the main playgroundHealth

The Child Health Department is responsible for organising medicals, dental checks, hearing and vision testing and also regular height and weight checks. Parents will automatically be informed of their child’s health checks and invited to attend where appropriate or necessary.