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PE Grant

Since April 2016 we have received £9,773. This money has been used towards the cost of Think Sport coaches who teach PE to all pupils from Year 1 to Year 6. The grant has also been used to fund after school netball and football coaching sessions and the costs of  participation in various sport festivals such as:

  • Hockey Festivals
  • Girls’ Football Tournaments
  • Boys’ Football Tournaments
  • Tag Rugby Tournaments
  • Net and wall Games Festival
  • Athletics
  • Rounders
  • Tennis
  • Green Goblin Car Racing
  • Cross Country

The children have had the opportunity to participate in various extra curricular activities such as :
• Cycle Training
• Yoga
• School Mini Marathon
• PE Master Classes
• Outdoor Survival with leaders from Dell farm

We reorganised the School Sport Day last summer. The children enjoyed a School NSPCC Marathon and also working with Young Leaders from Icknield High School. We also have PE prefects who support younger pupils during lunchtime sport activities.

The funding has also enabled the school to organise after school sport clubs, the school provides free use of facilities so that all parents pay a reduced rate, we also pay for pupil premium to attend one afterschool club. These clubs include Dance, Gymnastics, Girls Football, Taikwondo and Multi Sports. During the school holidays Gymnastics and  Multi Sport Holiday Clubs are held at the school, led by Think Sport.

More children are participating in sporting events within school and their enthusiasm for  sport  has increased. School teams in netball and football have become more successful and a larger number of children (87% of pupils) are attending extra curricular sport activities.25% of children attend school sport activities after school or during the lunch break. 70% of children have improved their fitness as measured by the termly bleep test. In 2016/2017 Sacred Heart Primary achieved:

  • First in the Mayor’s Football Charity Cup
  • Third in  Local Hockey Tournament and achieved third place  in a County Hockey Tournament
  • Second in Girls' Local Football Tournament
  • First in Girls’ Netball League- - we have now progressed to the premier division
  • First in Boys' Local Football Tournament
  • First in Boys' Football League- we have now progressed to the premier division
  • First In Year 3 & 4 Boys’ Football
  • Second in Tag Rugby Tournament
  • Second in Dodgeball Competition
  • Winners of the Dodgeball Cup
  • Two pupils qualified for County Cross  Country

Within lessons children are experiencing a range of sports we have increased the use of Ipads/ technology in PE to help pupils improve on their sporting performance and theory tasks have been added to the curriculum. PE funding is also used to subsidise the Year 4 Residential Trip to Dell Farm where the children enjoy a range of physical activities.

Sacred Heart Primary School achieved the Bronze Sainsbury's School Mark in July 2014, The Silver Sainsbury's School Mark in July 2015 and again in July 2016 we are now working towards the Gold Mark.