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School Staff

The Governors employ qualified teachers, qualified nursery nurses and teaching assistants who support the children in the work planned for them by their class teacher. As well as classroom based staff, Governors employ administration staff, lunchtime supervisors, a site agent and cleaning staff. All members of staff make a valuable contribution to the day to day running of the school.

Staff Pupil Relations - School Council

The children are given the opportunity to present their opinions and discuss important issues relating to the life of the school, through regular meetings of the School's Council with a member of the Senior Management Team. Each class from Year 2 - Year 6 is represented by two elected members and the Staff representative is responsible for the co-ordination of the activities and meetings of the Council. A School’s Council display board is in the main hall, the members report back regularly to their peers and meet with Mrs. Cullen, the Headteacher and Governors to discuss issues.

Links with Parents and Parental Consultations

At Sacred Heart Primary School we aim to develop important relations with parents, the parish and the wider community. We want all those who are part of our community and any visitors, to feel welcome and valued. When children enter school parents are asked to sign a home/school agreement to indicate that they will support the Catholic mission,ethis and aims of the school. We also ask for the support of the school's policies and guidelines for behaviour. We firmly believe an effective school requires close partnership between parents, teachers, parish and children.

We encourage communication between home, parish and school. Regular newsletters are sent to parents informing them of school activities, policies and procedures. All policies and documentation are available to parents in school and may be viewed by prior arrangement. Parents are invited to contribute to the education of their child in many different ways including Impact in Learning Workshops which are held annually for every year group . These workshops help parents to support their child's learning.

We are extremely grateful to all those parents who are able to give so generously of their time, helping on a voluntary basis with the many activities that take place in the school.

Parent Consultation Meetings are arranged during the academic year, when parents are invited to visit the school to see their children's work and discuss their progress. Pupils in Year 1 to Year 6 have an Assertive Mentoring Meeting with their class teacher prior to Parent Consultation Meetings and the Assertive Mentoring Reports are shared with parents during the consultation meeting.

Parents with a particular issue or concern are encouraged to discuss this initially with the class teacher. If parents then wish to see the Headteacher they should make an appointment.

Anti-Bullying Club

The ABC (Anti-Bullying Club) was initially a subcommittee of our school council and new members are nominated/invited annually as our oldest children leave for high school, where hopefully they can spread the anti-bullying message further.

Like all schools, we sometimes have issues with bullying. An important element of the work of the ABC is in raising awareness of what bullying is, tackling this head on when this is necessary, and also guiding children in thinking about the effects of their actions on others and helping them to learn what is acceptable, or not. Very young children, as we have in our school, do make mistakes, and we see it is important that they learn from their mistakes and move forward.

We see the work of the ABC as having two branches. The first branch tackles bullying directly. The second branch we see as being just as important, that of enhancing the ethos of our school. This is particularly important to us as a Catholic school. We view the quality of relationships as very important; how everyone in our school community, adults and children, is a special individual with their own unique talents and attributes.

The ABC give their free time to attend meetings and to discuss issues and ideas about how to tackle bullying. They act as strong role models for other children in the school who look up to them. Children know that they can approach a member of the ABC if they have a worry or are concerned about bullying. They run various diverse events over the course of each year, including leading assemblies, running workshops for target yeargroups, running Compliment Days, acting as playground mentors and buddies, nominating children for Acts of Kindness awards, monitoring the Bully Boxes, amongst other ongoing activities. They also attend regular training to keep their skills and knowledge of bullying issues up to date.

Lunchtime Supervision

At lunchtime, the lunchtime supervisors are responsible for the welfare of the children.  The staff have undergone TOPS Play training to promote games and activities during play. When necessary and appropriate poor or negative behaviour is reported to the Headteacher, Deputy or member of the School Leadership Team. The lunchtime supervisors are part of our community and the children are expected to treat them with respect, being polite and appropriate during their interactions.

Sacred Heart School Council

Sacred Heart School Council